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Unitus Microcredit Loans

Lessons, impressions, and thoughts that I have about the powerful poverty-fighting tool of Microcredit and how Unitus is accelerating the growth of Microfinance around the globe.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Blogs that mention Unitus

I did a search on technorati on Unitus and found some of these blogs that mention Unitus:

Huat Chye's Weblog

Huat Chye tells about running a speed dating event and contributing the proceeds to Unitus. I like what he said about why they chose to contribute to Unitus:

We had to select a new charitable cause, since no major nonprofit was still raising money for tsunami relief, and the natural choice was Unitus, an innovative Redmond organization that Mike and I have long admired (he’s even done pro bono consulting-type work for them).

Dave Schappell's Weblog

Dave is currently the VP of Marketing at Unitus. This post was about a visit to one of Unitus's partners, Pro Mujer in Mexico and his impressions of the impact of Microcredit before joining the industry.

Walking the Blog

Here is what John H. Kim posted about Unitus:

Unitus is involved in a promising subfield of social entrepreneurship called microfinance, essentially lending to the underserved in developing countries to promote private enterprise and self-empowerment. The high repayment and low default rates are quite amazing when you consider how poor and impoverished the loan recipients are in the urban slums or rural villages of the third world. Many get by on what is the equivalent of a few dollars a month. But the dignity that microlending instills in them produces the desire to make something of the loan and motivates them to stick to the repayment schedule. Amazing.

Thanks John.

Scott Loftesness

Scott tells about what he learned about Unitus at a group dinner. This is what he posted:

Unitus is all about assisting existing and successful microfinance institutions (MFI's) in developing countries accelerate their impact. MFI's lend small amounts to the self-employed poor in these countries to provide them the capital to get them on a path out of the poverty trap.

The numbers are compelling - of the roughly 6 billion people on this planet, half of them live in poverty on less than $2 per day. Microcredit loans are the fuel that helps these self-employed poor bootstrap themselves up the economic ladder.

Unitus is focused on helping MFI's accelerate their impact, providing them the resources (financial, technical and expertise) required to do so. By enabling the MFI's to accelerate their success, their impact on the self-employed poor is amplified. It's a beautiful idea.

The last post I will mention comes from:


This is really just a mention about Unitus in an article about taking Financial Services to the Poor. Here is the mention:

A major boost to sustainable microfinance can be made by reviewing the limits for foreign investment in Micro Finance NBFCs. This may encourage socially conscious foreign investors to invest in young MFIs with NBFC status and provide a strong impetus to growth and scalability of the entire sector. The SKS Micro Finance deal with Unitus and TMSV LLC attracting US$ 0.5 Million as equity is possibly the most significant equity investment from foreign social venture capital funds and is an evidence of global interest in the Indian MFI Sector.

If I come across more posts, I will try to list them


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