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Monday, August 29, 2005

Nice Post from Dave McClure

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will try to highlight posts about Unitus that I come across. I saw a sweet post from the estimed Dave McClure of Master of 500 Hats. (Dave has since moved his post from Blogger to Typepad and his new blog is here.)

Not only did Dave write a nice post, but he hosted a dinner among his friends in Silicon Valley to spread the word about Unitus. He also was very generous with his donation. Thanks Dave!

Here's his post:

Last night I had the pleasure of co-hosting a dinner presentation for ~50 forward-thinking friends in the Silicon Valley entrepreneur community to learn more about the microfinance revolution, and about the incredible global impact it's having on eradicating poverty in developing economies.

After a brief welcome & intro by yours truly, a presentation on microfinance was given by Unitus CEO Geoff Davis (ex-Grameen Foundation pioneer) and Chairman Mike Murray (ex-Microsoft VP). Briefly, Unitus is a "venture accelerator" that helps identify, fund, and grow promising microfinance institutions ("MFIs") around the world. They're a terrific organization, and they're helping MFIs in India, Africa, and Latin America do some amazing things.

It was a great opportunity to get a bunch of old friends together, and explain how this new industry can really make a significant & substantial difference in people's lives. At the same time, Unitus presents some attractive investment alternatives for those who'd like to see their donation dollars put to work in a more focused, market-measured way.

And finally, it was a fun opportunity for me to get passionately excited about something not so technology-related, and to help spread the word about what Unitus is doing... my pleasure :)


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