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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Economic Times of India mentions Unitus

Robert, at Unitus, sent me a link to the following article in The Economic Times of India called:

Little drops make ocean: Microfin is big biz now

The article gives an analysis of ongoing investment and contributions that are flowing into the Microfinance industry in India, from both internal and external sources. Here is a portion of the article:

What is more significant, perhaps, is the entry of private debt-equity funds. US-based Unitus, a microfinance accelerator with a venture capital approach, has already committed to SKS, BSS, Grameen Koota in Karnataka and Bandhan in West Bengal. The $10-million Bellwether Microfinance, jointly promoted by Gray Ghost Microfinance Fund, the Hivos-Triodos Fund and the former CEO of Bank of America Arun Duggal, is investing in equity and debt of MFIs. There are also the loan guarantee funds of the Grameen Foundation and Deutsche Bank.


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