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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Unitus and ACCION - Two of the World's Leading Microfinance Organizations

Well (blush). Thanks for the recognition.

India Daily has an article about the recent announcement about the Unitus / ACCION alliance in India. The title of the article is:

Microfinance giants form strategic alliance in India

and starts out the article by stating:
Two of the world's leading microfinance organisations, ACCION Internatinal and Unitus, on Thursday announced creation of the Unitus-ACCION Alliance for India, a strategic partnership designed to help develop a large-scale and profitable microfinance industry.

One, it is an honor to be recognized in such estimed company as ACCION. Two, we know there are lots of other world-class organizations engaged in this important work, and three, it is nice to know that Unitus is getting recognition for the innovative organization that it is.


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