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Unitus Microcredit Loans

Lessons, impressions, and thoughts that I have about the powerful poverty-fighting tool of Microcredit and how Unitus is accelerating the growth of Microfinance around the globe.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Geoff Davis Podcasting on 94.9 KUOW

You can listen to a recent interview with Geoff Davis, President and CEO of Unitus, on Seattle's 94.9 KUOW:

Here is the intro to the interview:

Global poverty is too large of a problem to be solved by any one solution. But several global economists think that microcredit might be a big first step. The idea is to make small loans, usually about a hundred dollars, available to impoverished people who can use the money to start a small business or improve an existing business. A hundred dollars can go a long way in some developing countries toward allowing people a chance to grow their business, reinvest in it, and achieve at least a minimum of financial stability.

Here is the podcast of the interview


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